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Glitch my ass

Prompted by donutsweeper  mentioning, apropos #amazonfail #glitchmyass, that here had  been some funny goings on at amazon.co.uk in the small hours, which had rectified itself before many UK users were aware of it.

Ianto swung the LaserLite onto his back, and muttered a silent prayer of thanks to whatever deity the inhabitants of Z-Omega-3 worshipped. Casting his gaze back up from the twitching, tentacled mass on the floor, his gaze caught and held the eyes of the man facing him.

Dark eyes stared out from behind thick, horn rimmed glasses; dark eyes in a faintly green face. "What.....what is that...that thing?...Sir," he stammered.

"Don't ask," Ianto growled. "It evolved on a planet a long way from here, product of a terraforming experiment that went horribly wrong."

"But why did it make me delist Stephen Fry's autobiography?" The nerd removed his glasses to rub those dark eyes, and Ianto realised the man wasn't really as nerdy as he, well, as he looked.

"It infects people with despair," came a voice from behind. The nerd spun round, to find himself gazing up into the bluest eyes he had ever seen.

"Despair," said the nerd. "That's exactly how I felt when the order came through to start delisting GLB stuff.....  I thought it was perhaps just a glitch, but"

"Glitch my arse," said Ianto, "Next thing you know, it would have had you joining a Chapel and renouncing all forms of sex."

"Not to mention drugs and alcohol," added old blue eyes, with a grin. He stuck his hand out. "Cap'n Jack Harkness," he said, grasping the nerd's hand and shaking it warmly.

"Rimmer," the man responded weakly. "Arnold Rimmer." He hesitated. "Mam was a fanatical Red Dwarf fan."

"Ianto!" Jack called over his shoulder. "I think we need to get better acquainted with Arnie here." He winked. "Anyone who likes Stephen Fry is OK by me."


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13th Apr, 2009 22:37 (UTC)
Bwhahaha! I love it! :)
14th Apr, 2009 15:34 (UTC)
It's all your fault anyway....weg!!
13th Apr, 2009 22:42 (UTC)
Hee hee, if only that was what really happened... Thanks for making me smile
14th Apr, 2009 15:35 (UTC)
You're welcome. Thanks for commenting. Funny, I can't imagine *why* I saw a similarity between the Moral Majority and the despair squid.....
13th Apr, 2009 23:01 (UTC)
Hee! The despair squid! I love it!
14th Apr, 2009 15:36 (UTC)
Thank you. I must have subconsciously felt there was a similarity between the US Moral Right and the despair squid...go figure.
14th Apr, 2009 08:10 (UTC)
*snicker* Thank you. That brightened my morning.
14th Apr, 2009 15:38 (UTC)
You're welcome. Thanks for commenting. Not sure why mention of right wing moral censorship immediately made me think of despair squids, but...
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